Amateur Radio G4NSJ

Hi, I’m Ray G4NSJ. My QTH is Worthing, on the Sussex coast. Locator IO 90 TT.


I’m active on two metres, scanning several channels but usually loitering on 145.5625mHz where local chats take place. I also monitor the GB3WO 70cms repeater in Worthing, West Sussex. We have a local net on the 160 metre amateur band, 1980kHz where a few of us gather at various times of the day, mostly afternoons.

My TS570D

My TS570D

I’m working on the web site at the moment but, once it’s up and running, I’ll be describing aerials for top band, a vertical for 20 metres and much more. I’ll also be adding videos and other goodies for beginners and old timers alike.

Keep an eye on this page… if you’re interested, that is!

If you have any ideas or suggestion, either email me or use the quick form below.

Please note: I do not repair amateur radio equipment.