Bush DAC90A restoration

Are You interested in having your Bush DAC90A restored?
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You can now have your vintage Bush DAC90A radio fully and professionally restored. I no longer sell restored radios but, if you find a nice Bush DAC90A on an auction web site, then get it to me and I’ll restore it for you. I test all my restored radios for twenty-four hours a day for up to a week to ensure that they are in perfect working order, so you’ll have nothing to worry about when your radio is returned to you.

One inherent problem with some early valve radios was the very dim dial light bulbs, and the vintage Bush DAC90A was no exception. To overcome this problem, I have developed a modification which lights the dial perfectly. This is achieved by fitting a small transformer and new bulbs which in no way de-value the radio. The encapsulated transformer creates virtually no heat and is physically small, fitting inside the radio without making any permanent modifications to the chassis or wiring. The bulbs give a constant brightness and light up the dial beautifully with a nice warm glow.

Fully And Professionally Restored
and guaranteed

By fully restored, I mean stripped down, all faults repaired, all coupling and decoupling capacitors and any components likely to fail with age replaced – and replacement valves fitted where necessary. Restoration also includes complete RF and IF alignment using a signal generator and audio output meter, all switches and controls etc cleaned and, above all, the radio will be made safe and fitted with a new British Standard mains lead and plug. This radio has also been fitted with my bright dial light transformer. This modification is not permanent and may be removed at any time.

Professionally restored? I am a City & Guilds qualified radio and TV engineer with over fifty years experience in repairing and restoring vintage radios. Restoring and repairing vintage valve radios is my full-time profession. I take pride in my work, so you are assured of a good job.

Bush dac90a vintage radio restored repaired