G4NSJ – AnyTone AT-588 VHF 136-174MHz


Audio Intro:

The AnyTone AT-588 is a 2 metre transceiver covering 136-174MHz. I have several 2 metre radios so, as this one was doing nothing on a shelf, I decided to use it solely for listening to the marine VHF channels. I scan around 60 channels in the memory so I don’t miss anything going on in the English Channel. I use a dedicated marine antenna on a pole down the garden which is fine as the sea is only a mile south of my QTH and the Solent is around 35 miles to the west. Contrary to popular belief, there’s still a lot of interesting comms on the marine channels. There’s also an AT-588 4 metre version, which is confusing.

Anytone 588 VHF marine radio

Coverage: 136-174MHz
Power: 10W 25W 60W

It would appear that there are six versions of this radio, all with the same model number. I’ve also discovered that there is, or was, a 27-45MHz project version.

Six versions:

*VHF: 27-43MHz (ODM Project)
VHF: 66-88MHz. 10/25/35W
VHF: 136-174MHz.  10W/25W/60W
VHF: 220-260 MHz. 10/25/55W
VHF: 340-400MHz. 10/25W/45W
UHF: 400-490 MHz. 10/25W/45W

*Original Design Manufacturing, also known as private labeling, is a form of contract manufacturing. ODM means that a factory will make products for you based on their already-existing product design.


Instruction Manual here.