G4NSJ – Beverage Antenna HF receiving aerial


I’m interested in all types of HF aerials so I thought a brief mention of the Beverage wouldn’t go amiss. As far as I know, it’s a receiving aerial which isn’t used for transmitting. I don’t know a great deal about it but I have gleaned a little information.

A Beverage is a type of directional antenna used for receiving HF radio signals. It was developed by Harold Beverage in the early 1920s and it’s named after him. It consists of a wire that is usually several wavelengths long and suspended a few metres above the ground. The wire may be tens to hundreds of metres in length at HF to several kilometres at long wave frequencies.

It’s a type of wave antenna that operates by receiving signals that are reflected off the ionosphere. It is primarily used for receiving signals in the lower HF frequencies, 1.8 to 10 MHz, and is known for its high gain, narrow beamwidth, and low noise characteristics.

The antenna requires a long, narrow strip of land in the direction of the desired signal.  It’s usually installed as a single long wire, supported by a series of poles. The antenna is often terminated with a resistor at the end opposite to the feed point to prevent signal reflections and improve the signal-to-noise ratio.

My back garden is only 55 feet in length so I can only dream of installing this type of antenna.