G4NSJ – Coax RG316 RG213 Mini8 RG8x RG58 50 ohm


RG316 coax, shown below, is perfect for making up patch leads, building baluns and more. This 50 ohm coax is thin, flexible and will take a considerable amount of power. I’ve also bought a crimping tool. The tool is suitable for SMA plugs plus many more RF connectors.


RG316 Attenuation in dB per 100 feet

MHz dB per 100 feet
10 2.5
30 4.3
50 5.6
100 8
400 16
1000 26
1500 32
2000 38
2500 42
3000 47

I use RG316 patch leads for long, medium and short wave receivers. The loss at these frequencies, as shown by figures above, is negligible when using a couple of feet of this coax.