The very old set up.

Let’s start with RTTY. This is my original set up using the MFJ Multi Reader. The Alinco DX70 is ideal for use with the reader. It’s also great for my VLF converter, as you can see in the photo.
RTTY MFJ Multi Reader with Alinco DX70


The old set up.

More up to date in the photo below.  I’m using my Surface Pro and the Kenwood TS570D to receive weather info via RTTY. This is my receiving station, no RF transmitted from this side of the radio room. A Marconi CR100 – a Yaesu FRG100 – a Lowe HF150 – a Tecsun S-2000 and a scanner. My Mini Whip active antenna is switched between the receivers. I also use the Surface Pro to receive WEFAX, weather faxes, and the Hack Green WebSDR.

RTTY receiving station with Surface Pro

The new set up

I spent some cash on a new Icom IC7300… and it’s worth every penny. Locking on to RTTY or fax signals is far easier when the computer is connected to the radio via a USB lead. I’ve not set the Surface Pro up to send data yes, that’s my next job.

Icom IC-7300

Thanks to Brian for the RTTY weather call signs and frequencies listed below…

Call sign Frequency speed/shift
DDH47 147.3 kHz 50 baud/85 Hz
DDK2 4583 kHz 50 baud/450 Hz
DDH7 7646 kHz 50 baud/450 Hz
DDK9 10100.8 kHz 50 baud/450 Hz
DDH9 11039 kHz 50 baud/450 Hz
DDH8 14467.3 kHz 50 baud/450 Hz