G4NSJ – Fan dipole antenna HF multi band aerial


I’ve never tried this type of aerial but it sounds interesting. It’s called a fan or multi band dipole and consists of several wire elements, each cut to a specific length to resonate on a different frequency. Basically, several dipoles fan out from the common feed point in the centre. Because each wire element is cut to a specific length, the antenna can be made to operate on specific bands. The dipole is often used on 80, 40, 20 and 10 metres.

One disadvantage of the fan dipole is that it’s not easy to setup on each band. Because each dipole is cut to a specific length, you must carefully adjust the length of each wire to achieve resonance on the desired frequencies. Once done, you have a cheap multi band antenna fed with one piece of coax.

I’ll be adding a scribbled drawing of the aerial at some stage… watch this space.