G4NSJ – Five Megs 5MHz 60 metre band



I received my NOV for these frequencies many years ago, back in 2002 if I recall correctly, when the 5MHz experiment first began. A NOV is no longer required, but the 5MHz frequencies may only be used by full licence holders. Sitting between 80 and 40 metres, it’s an interesting part of the spectrum with inter-G contacts possible during the day and DX at night. There are a few locals close to me who operate AM on 5317kHz so it’s worth monitoring that frequency. I have to admit to using the Hack Green WebSDR when the band is very noisy. I’m pretty sure the local QRM is generated by plug-in switch mode power supplies. But it’s definitely not coming from my house!

I usually monitor what was the old calling frequency (Fox Echo) 5398.5kHz. To be honest, I’m not sure where people listen these days so I stick the old old calling fx. I mentioned the Hack Green WebSDR because, like many others, there are times when local interference obliterates 60 metres. I find it best to monitor Hack Green constantly alongside my receiver as I might miss something important, such as a military station asking me to close down. It’s also useful to hear my transmission via Hack Green.

Here’s a useful link to 5MHz world-wide frequency allocations.