G4NSJ – HF noise interference


HF noise and interference is worsening. My favourite band was 160 metres, but that’s been wiped out by noise. 80 metres also suffers quite badly. The 5MHz frequencies, the 60 metres band, used to be relatively noise free. Sadly, that has changed. Watch the video below…

Take a look at the photo below. It’s a reel of fibre optic cable which is being used to replaced the old copper wires from telegraph poles to houses. I have seven phones lines crossing my front drive. All but two have been replace with fibre optic cable… no more ADSL noise blasting through my HF receiver! If you go to ‘Corning Optical Cable‘ you can read all about it. Interference works both ways so I needn’t worry about breaking through on people’s phones. There’s also a photo of the telegraph pole with caution notice.

Replacing copper wires with fibre not only reduces receiver noise but puts an end to the problem of RF from my transmitting antenna interfering with people’s telephones.