G4NSJ – High voltage capacitors tank coils lumped components amateur ham radio


Just out of interest, I’ve decided to list a few goodies here. Components like these are becoming rare. Remember the days when people built their own transmitters, linear amplifiers and aerial tuning units? Components such as these were highly sought after in the good old days! Great fun!

Fixed capacitors:

These are manufactured by LCC France. The photo below shows some lovely HV capacitors – 1200pF rated at 5kV.

HV capacitors 1200pF 5kV

The caps below are rated at 5kV, and some even higher, various values. High voltage capacitors
Here are a couple of vintage HV caps. 0.01uF and 0.25uF rated at 1kV.

Vintage HV capacitors

Variable capacitors:

The wide-spaced vanes on these capacitors make them ideal for an ATU.


Tank oils:

These are perfect for building an ATU. The lower one is, I believe, made by Codar. The top one is on a porcelain or china former. I’ve lost count of the amount of tank coils I’ve wound over the years. Knocking up PI networks, loading coils… Happy days!

ATU tank coils

RF ammeter:

This is a thermocouple RF ammeter, very rare these days. It covers 0 to 0.5 amps. This one is marked 1944. These were used extensively in military gear to measure aerial current back in the 40s and 50s.

Thermocouple RF ammeter