G4NSJ – Marconi CR100 communications receiver


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This is my Marconi CR100/2 communications receiver. I bought it from a chap in the New Forest several years ago. He’d refurbished… No, he’d rebuilt it to a very high standard. It now has a product detector which is great for SSB reception.

Marconi CR100 communications receiver
I bought my first CR100 from GWM Radio Ltd, an army surplus store in Portland Road, Worthing. I was in my early teens and, owning a proper communications receiver, I could finally call myself a real shortwave listener! Once I’d set it up in my bedroom and connected the aerial, I don’t think I switched it off for several days. I heard comms between army units on manoeuvre on Salisbury Plain. I heard fishing vessels and coastguard stations. I heard a test transmission from Tel Aviv. I heard licensed amateurs chatting about aerials and transmitters. And I heard pirates! Needless to say, I was in my element.

Sadly, those days have gone. Youngsters these days who are interested in radio communication buy ready made units. Sling up a piece of wire for an aerial, plug in your Chinese box, and you’re on the air. Having said that, there are some newcomers to the hobby who are keen to learn and build their own equipment. But, I do believe they are few and far between.

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