G4NSJ – Midland CT3000 transceiver VHF UHF


This radio is very similar to the Anytone AT-778UV. In fact, it’s almost identical, see photo below. However, you will need to download the Midland software to program it. But, I’ve discovered that you can use the Anytone AT-778UV programming cable.


Frequency range: 144‐146 MHz. 430-440 MHz.
Output power: High 5W. Medium 10W. Low 25W.

Although I only use the radio for a couple of 70cms repeaters, I’m very pleased with it. I’ve run out of VHF aerials, that’s why I only use it on UHF. I will be programming the radio for more 70cms frequencies when I get round to it. A few of us chat on 433.550MHz so that’s one I’ll be adding.

Midland-CT3000 transceiver

This is the Sirio CX-425 aerial I’m using with the Midland CT3000. It’s up on the apex on the front of the house, an ideal place as it’s high and in the clear.

Sirio CX-425

A mystery:

Using the programming software, I’ve discovered that there are two band options. One only covers 144-146MHz and 430-440MHz. The other opens up the radio to cover 136-174MHz and 400-490MHz. I tried to change the band to open up the radio but the software won’t allow it. I don’t need to increase the frequency coverage but, I don’t like to be beaten! Below is a screen shot of the programming page.


Instruction Manual here.

More info coming soon…