G4NSJ – Morse Code – CW


I recently had my first CW contact in 35 years! I’ve not been on the key since the seventies so I’m brushing up on my Morse code. As I’m increasing my speed, I’m now listening, and sometimes calling CQ, on 28.058MHz. This is the FISTS novice frequency for slow Morse, (QRS) contacts. You don’t have to be a FISTS member to use the frequency.

Why the 10 metre amateur band? Because it’s normally free from interference, it’s a wide band with plenty of room, and it’s great for local as well as DX contacts.

Hi-Mound Manipulator MK-701

I’ve just bought this key (above) from a friend of mine. It’s a Hi-Mound Manipulator MK-701 with single a paddle. And this one (below) is a Czech army issue straight key from the early 1950s. I use both keys, it’s nice to have a choice!

Morse Key

Don’t be frightened of Morse code and don’t believe that it’s an outdated mode which is no longer used. Morse isn’t difficult to learn and it’s very much alive and kicking! It’s a great mode of communication which can often get through during noisy or difficult HF band conditions which can render SSB unusable.