G4NSJ – OIRT VHF FM band broadcast DXing


The OIRT VHF FM broadcast band, also known as the Eastern Bloc FM band, was used for FM radio broadcasting in countries of the former Eastern Bloc, including the Soviet Union and its satellites. OIRT stands for the International Radio and Television Organisation. In Russian: Mezhdunarodnaya Organizatsiya Radio i Televideniya. It was an organisation that regulated radio and television broadcasting in the Eastern Bloc countries.

The OIRT FM band operated between 65.8 MHz and 74 MHz, which is lower than the standard FM band used in most other parts of the world. The standard FM band, used in countries like the United States and Western Europe, operates between 87.5 MHz and 108 MHz. The band was established to accommodate the Soviet Union’s unique broadcasting standards and was incompatible with the standard FM band used in other regions. OIRT FM radios were designed to receive and transmit within this specific frequency range. However, with the collapse of the Eastern Bloc and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the OIRT FM band gradually became obsolete.

In the years following the Soviet Union’s collapse, many countries that previously used the OIRT FM band moved to the internationally recognised FM band. Today, the standard FM band is widely used across the world, providing compatibility and uniformity for FM radio broadcasting.


Dutch Pirates. The 3.5 metre band:

Apparently, there are Dutch pirates transmitting in stereo between 76MHz and 85MHz. This is known as the 3.5 metre band. I’m monitoring these frequencies but I’ve not heard them yet. I hope to hear something under lift conditions.

Below 76MHz:

There’s an awful lot going on well below 76MHz. More coming soon…

SDR receiver VHF FM

Station List, thanks Tony W2NAP:

66.02   Love Radio Moscow, RU
66,02   Radio Mogilev Bibruysk, Belarus
66.44   Radio Rossii Moscow, RU
66.44   Gomel FM Smetanichi, Belarus
66.86   Radio Maximum 103.7 Moscow, RU
67.22   Radio Mayak Moscow, RU
67.22   Pershy Kanal, Smetanichi, Belarus
67.46   Pershy Kanal Osipovichi, Belarus
68.00   Avtoradio Moscow, RU
68.00   Kanal Kultura Smetanichi, Belarus
68.30   Radio Svoboda Moscow, RU
68.57   Radio Stalitsa Soligorsk, Belarus
68.84   Radio Yunost’ Moscow, RU
68.96   Kanal Kultura Bobruysk, Belarus
69.26   Radio RSN Moscow, RU
69.80   Radio Evropa Plus Moscow, RU
70.19   Radio Ul’tra Moscow, RU
70.22   Pershy Kanal Soligorsk, Belarus
70.28   Radio Stalitsa Smetanichi, Belarus
70.43   Kanal Kultura Minsk, Belarus
70.64   unid
70.91   Radio Mogilev Osipovichi, Belarus
71.30   Russkoe Radio Moscow, RU
71.33   Pershy Kanal Minsk, Belarus
71.45   Pershy Kanal Bobruysk, Belarus
71.69   Kanal Kultura Osipovichi, Belarus
72.11   Radio Shanson Kaliningrad, RU
72.11  Radius FM Minsk, Belarus
72.14  Radio Orfey Moscow, RU
72.23  Kanal Kultura Soligorsk, Belarus
72.47  Radio Stalitsa Osipovichi, Belarus
72.89  Radio Stalitsa Minsk, Belarus
72.92  Retro Radio Moscow, RU
73.01  Radio Stalitsa Bobruysk, Belarus
73.40  Radio 7 Moscow, RU
73.82  Ekho Moskvy’ Moscow, RU