G4NSJ – Q code, phonetic alphabet, Morse code, radio lingo


There are various codes used in amateur radio as well as lingo that I thought mught be of interest to newcomers.

Phonetic Alphabet:

This is the internationally recognised phonetic alphabet.

A Alpha N November
B Bravo O Oscar
C Charlie P Papa
D Delta Q Quebec
E Echo R Romeo
F Foxtrot S Sierra
G Golf T Tango
H Hotel U Uniform
I India V Victor
J Juliett W Whiskey
K Kilo X X Ray
L Lima Y Yankee
M Mike Z Zulu

Morse Code:

Thanks Ian for the code list.
Morse Code

Q Code:

Thanks Ian for the code list. There are many more codes but this will get you started.


Ham radio lingo:

You might hear someone say, ‘calling and by.’ That means, standing by for a call. And by for a call. Another one is, ‘are you by?’ That means, are you standing by?
The Q code isn’t always used correctly. QRX one, or, wait one, means wait a minute.
The term 73 means all the best or best wishes. 73s is incorrect.

What is, the box? A repeater is often refered to as the box. Someone might say, you are noisy into the box. Or, you’re fully quieting into the box. They are telling you how well you are getting into the repeater. Talking of boxes, a shack in a box refers to a multi-band radio. Such a radio might cover HF as well as VHF and UHF bands.

More coming soon…