G4NSJ – radio info stuff gen help ideas


I’ll be putting some useful information here. At least, I hope it will be useful. I’ve only just started this page, so please bear with me.

Open up TX on the AnyTone AT-778V/U

1. Press Function and P4 and switch on.
2. Radio goes into test mode. Now turn channel selector to channel 43 [mode 3]
3. Press the PTT, 03 changes colour. Turn the channel knob in until it says 02.
4. Release the PTT and switch off the radio. Then switch on the radio and you have unlocked the rig. [136 to 490mhz]

Baofeng UV-5R and GT-3 programming

These are great little hand-held radios, but they can be a nightmare to program. I’ve done a few for friends, setting them up on repeaters etc, and I thought it time to share the secrets of this radio. Watch the video here.


I’m building a library of manuals and circuits here.