G4NSJ – Servant Butler Bell Box Flag Board


The servant’s or butler’s bell box below has fourteen flags. Sadly, it’s not is excellent condition but it is serviceable. I love the idea of the library, the school room, dining room and tradesman’s door. I can imagine a servant or the butler looking up at the board before rushing off to attend the mistress or master of the house. This box would have been installed in a large house.

The bell box below only has twelve flags but it’s in excellent condition so this is the one I’ll be installing in the house.

I’d like to have a push button in every room of the house but concealing the wiring wouldn’t be easy. I don’t really want wires showing everywhere, they would be best hidden beneath the floorboards. The trouble is, we have fitted carpets… which I won’t be taking up!

More photos and text to follow…