G4NSJ – Tait T2010 T2000/II mobile 4 metre 70MHz transceiver


This is my Tait T2000/II radio for the 4 metre amateur band. Four programmable channels, 25 Watts. It’s a lovely radio with a sensitive reseiver and very nice sounding modulation. The 4 channels can be scanned, which is useful. The frequency range is 66-88MHz.

Tait T2010 low band VHF radio
The T-2000/II mobile VHF and UHF radios were developed by Tait Communications in Christchurch, New-Zealand in 1997. A few of us bought these radiuos when a local taxi company stopped using them. Between us, we must have bought 10 or more! There’s also a few with the badge name ‘Auriga’ on them, but they’re the same radio.