G4NSJ – Tecsun S-2000 Desktop Receiver HF VHF AIR BAND SSB


I’ve been lucky enough to have acquired a Tecsun S-2000 Receiver. It covers VHF-FM, the air band, long and medium wave from 100kHz to 1.7MHz, and HF 1.7MHz to 30MHz with SSB and AM modes. It’s not exactly a communications receiver but I thought I’d list it here. By the way, I believe Grundig and Eaton stuck their badges on this radio.

Tecsun S-2000 receiver

I’ve just discovered that there’s a 3.5mm jack socket on the rear of the rotatable ferrite rod antenna. This is for an external long and medium wave aerial. Inserting the jack plug disconnects the ferrite aerial. The two BNC sockets on the side of the radio are for FM/air-band external antenna and short wave external antenna.

Here is a video of the radio.

Manual here.