G4NSJ – Ten metre FM repeaters


Ten metre repeaters are located world-wide and, when the band is open, you can work the world through them. I once chatted to a chap who was only five miles away from me – through a repeater located in Boston, USA. Great fun!

Update: GB3CQ

We now have a 10 metre repeater located in Worthing, West Sussex. GB3CQ 29.630 with CTCSS 88.5Hz tone to access. More information here.

Some repeaters need a ctcss tone to access them and keep them open. Others need nothing more than a carrier. I hope to list tones and frequency shifts alongside each repeater callsign.

My list below is quite old so bear with me while I put together an up to date list. Some of the information might be well out of date!

29.600 FM simplex calling
29.610 Portugal CT0HAS
29.610 Newfoundland VO1KEN
29.620 Belgium ON6HOB
29.620 New York KQ2H
29.630 UK GB3CQ Info here.
29.630 Germany DF0MHR
29.640 New York – Rockland N2ACF
29.650 USA and Japan
29.660 Austria OE1XKC
29.660 Belgium ON0TEN
29.660 Sweden SK6RHU SK7RVI
29.660 Switzerland HB9HD
29.660 Germany DM0SAX DF0RGB
29.660 Portugal CT0HCA
29.660 Manhattan N2HBA
29.670 France FZ1DIX
29.670 Germany DF0BSG DF0KIL
29.670 Netherlands
29.670 Moscow RR3AAC
29.680 Denmark OZ8REX
29.680 Finland OH1RHU
29.680 Germany DF0HFT DF0PDM
29.680 Portugal CT0HPA
29.680 Sweden SK6RFQ
29.680 Denmark OZ6REX
29.690 Germany DF0EPT DF0LBG
29.690 Ireland EI4ERC

Update: 19/10/22: KQ2H New York repeater.

I’ve just worked AA2EC, Ellen, through this New York repeater. Great signals both ways. Ten metres has been open to the U.S. for the last couple of days. Over the next 3 years or so we should enjoy sunspot maximum.