G4NSJ – Two 2 metres 144MHz VHF amateur band


Two Metres then.

The two metre amateur band used to be a hive of activity. Here in Worthing and the surrounding area, there were TV engineers in their vans all keeping the local repeater busy. As well as mobiles, there were many base stations using the repeater.

Two Metres now.

These days, two metres is relatively quiet. However, we now have a new repeater GB3RW. I’ve already installed an old two metre rig in the car so, after many years, I’m mobile again. I hope to encourage others to do the same and keep the new repeater busy. The old days will never come back, but I’m sure we can liven things up once more.

Alinco DR605
I’ve dusted off my old Alinco DR-605 two metre – 70cms radio, shown above, and installed it in my car. Our local repeaters, GB3RW and GB3WO, are now stored in the memory. Mobile operation is going to be fun on two and seventy.