G4NSJ – Why I joined the G-QRP Club


The G-QRP Club is dedicated to low power radio communication. There’s a link to their website at the bottom of this page. I like the idea of running milliwatts rather than hundreds of Watts on the HF bands because it’s a real challenge. But my main reason for joining the club was for the quarterly Sprat magazine. There are many constructional projects, valve and transistor transmitters and receivers, as well as a host of other projects and aerial designs. Obviously, aerials will be of paramount importance due to the low power being used.


I’ve just received my Sprat On A Stick which contains Sprat magazines numbers 1 to 184. And there I am listed as a new member, winter 1982. Wow, that’s forty years ago! I’ll be spending hours trawling through each copy. Great bedtime reading! The issues are also available to members on a CD.

I remember back in the 1980s when I had a contact on 10 metres with an American station. I was running 1 Watt! Admittedly, band conditions were excellent. But I was delighted! I also worked South Africa on the same band, but that was running 5 Watts.


G-QRP Club website here.