G4NSJ – Wireless set No 19 WS19


After many years, I’ve finally decided to get my 19 set working. I’ve been wanting to build a PSU but I needed a proper 19 set power supply case to build it in. Any other case or box wouldn’t look right. My search was narrowed because I didn’t want a complete power supply. It would be sacrilege to rip out the original vibrator and rotary converter to make way for a hearty mains transformer. Then, out of the blue, a friend gave me an empty 19 set power supply case. I couldn’t believe my luck!

The infamous WS No19 set. Watch the video below…

Update 11-9-21.

I’ve decided not to go ahead with the restoration. To be honest, I am really busy with so many other projects that I just don’t have the time.


Wireless set WS No19