Philips Radios

Why I don’t repair Philips radios.

Vintage Philips valve radios look good, they sound good, but, in my opinion… they are an absolute nightmare to work on. Unlike British vintage radios where a host of parts are interchangeable between various makes and models, many Philips parts are unique to Philips. Most radios have a dial drive system where a cord moves the dial pointer along the scale as you turn the tuning knob. Philips often use Bowden cables. These are similar to the brake cables on a bicycle. Virtually impossible to repair or replace!

The last Philips radio I looked at used a rack and pinion arrangement for the wave change switch. Rack and pinion for your car’s steering, yes. Rack and pinion for a mountain railway engine, yes. But, in a radio?

Please, don’t even ask me to ‘just take a look’ at a Philips radio because I won’t touch them. I’ve tried to help people out in the past by just taking a look, and I’ve always ended up cursing my decision.

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