Radio Workshop Retirement Date

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After 55 years in the trade, I’m taking a rest from radio restoration and repairs.
The radio repair side of the business is now closed.
I’m not taking on any more repair work.

70th birthday

Made by my daughter!

It’s been a great journey.

Starting out as a radio and television apprentice engineer back in the 1960s, I’ve been in the trade for 55 years. However, the time has come to pull the plug on the Radio Workshop repair and restoration work. I now intend to concentrate on other exiting aspects of the business.

The Members’ Area.

I’ll have far more time to concentrate on the Radio Workshop members’ area. If you fancy learning how to repair and restore vintage valve radios, the members’ area, with hundreds of videos and thousands of service manuals, is a great place to begin. Learn how to read circuit diagrams, how a radio works, how valves work… and much more.

The Website.

The website will not close. There are service manuals and a host of other information available for free. I see no reason to close the website as many people are seeking information and knowledge of vintage valve radios. If you’re looking for a wealth of information, try the members’ area.

Vintage Radio Spares Parts.

I have accumulated a good range of spares for Bush DAC90A radios over the years. These, along with other items, will be available for sale on the website. See here.

Technical Advice.

I want to pass on my decades of experience and knowledge of vintage radios to help newbies and oldies alike. This will be free to members’ of the website.

YouTube Videos.

I already have a great number of radio-related videos on YouTube. My plan is to add to the list.


I’ve written an eBook with instructions, photos and diagrams on fitting Bluetooth to vintage radios. I intend to write more eBooks on short wave aerials, earth systems, radio repairs and more.

Amateur Radio.

There are many aspects of amateur radio, such as aerials and aerial tuning units, SWR etc. which elude the newcomer. I’ll be expanding the amateur radio section in the members’ area to cover this and more.

And Finally.

I have my Lister type D stationary engine to restore, my amateur radio hobby to enjoy, my Morse code to brush up on, walks in the countryside with my lovely wife… I’m going to be pretty busy!

Should you need to contact me, please email me.
[email protected]

Learn hopw to repair your own vintage valve radio