Speaker grille cloth


It’s not unusual for vintage valve radios to have worn, faded or damaged speaker grille cloths. The tattered or torn cloth can ruin the look of what would otherwise be a beautiful old radio. But replacing the cloth shouldn’t be attempted as a DIY project. Fitting a new cloth is not only time consuming but a skilled job. The radio will have to be dismantled, the chassis removed along with the loudspeaker and baffle board and possibly the dial glass.

Obviously, the best time to have the cloth replaced is when you’re having the radio serviced as this will cut the cost down. However, even if the radio is working well and doesn’t require servicing, it needn’t cost you a fortune to have the grill cloth replaced. Please contact me to learn more.

The photos below show a new piece of cloth being fitted to a baffle board. The secret is to get the cloth as tight as a drum, which not only requires the correct adhesive but a degree of skill. The example below is pretty straight forward. However, some baffle boards have curves and holes for control shafts and dials and are far from easy to re-cloth.


I don’t sell grille cloth. However, I have seen it advertised on auction sites. It might be worth checking your local area for a shop specialising in material. Off-cuts can be cheap. But don’t buy thick cloth, such as curtain material.