Stations on medium and long wave

Which stations can you expect to receive on long and medium wave?

Before you have your vintage radio restored, it might be an idea to find out which stations you will be able to listen to in your area. BBC Radio 4 on long wave can be heard in most parts of the UK at varying signal strengths. On medium wave, you might find a local station plus Absolute Radio, Talk Sport, BBC Radio 5 Live and Smooth Radio. In London, you might be able to receive Gold on medium wave. All this depends on the the area you live in.


You might find that, when you tune up and down the medium wave band on your radio, you hear buzzing, cracking, fizzing and a host of other noises. The level of interference affecting your radio depends on several things. Your location and the strength of the radio station signal you are listening to, nearby computers, television sets and LED lighting in your home. Wi-Fi hubs and Wi-Fi connected devices such as doorbells and cameras can all cause interference to long and medium wave. Bluetooth devices can also cause interference.

Stations you will not hear on medium wave

Some stations only transmit on FM or DAB. These include Classic FM, Local BBC and commercial FM stations, BBC Radio 1, 2, and 3.