G4NSJ – Morse Code Lamps Signalling Daylight Short Range


Morse Code Signalling Lamp: 30/7/22

I’ve just been given this lovely Morse code signalling lamp. It was designed to be used for short range daylight communication but, obviously, it could also be used at night. I’ve connected a couple of 6 Volt batteries in series… and the lamp works! The beauty of a signalling lamp is, unlike radio, it’s relatively private. It’s very directional so, unless someone is in line of sight of the lamp, they won’t see it.

The Morse key is the well known WT 8 AMP No 2 from the 1940s. Apparently, the maximum speed possible with a lamp is 12 WPM. Presumably, the on off time of the bulb filament limits the speed. Sending too fast will cause the lamp to glow all the time. I suppose an LED would be the answer these days. Do ships still use signalling lamps?

More information to follow…

Morse code signalling lamp



For information on Morse Code keys go here.