G4NSJ – NDB non directional beacons HF LF DX


Non directional beacons are low power radio radio transmitters used for propagation and direction finding. They can be found on the 10 metre amateur band, on long wave frequencies between 250kHz and 550kHZ, and many other HF frequencies. They continuously transmit identification using Morse code.

Here’s a great resource: Frank’s non directions beacons List. Scroll down the page for the list.

Below is a list of Non Directional Beacons (NDBs) I’ve heard using a Mini-Whip Active Antenna. The list is very new, started on 27/6/19, so I’ll be adding more beacons as and when I hear them.


Call sign


Frequency kHz


ABY Albert Bray France 321  
ALD Alderney 383  
BIA Bournemouth 339  
BLK Blackbushe 328  
BUR Burnham 421  
BV Beauvais France 391  
BZ Braze Norton 386  
CHT Chiltern 277  
DSA Dieppe 351  
EPM Epsom 316  
ING Calais 387  
LCY London City 322  
LHO Le Havre 346  
LSH Lashenden 340  
LT Launceston ?  
LT Le Touquet France 358.5  
LZD Lydd 397  
MAK Mackel Belgium 360.5  
MP Cherbourg 373  
MVC Melville Calonne Fr 327  
ONW Antwerp 354  
SHM Shoreham 332 S9
SND Southend 359.5  
WCO Westcot 335  
WOD Woodley 352  

Video showing the aerial in use with my Kenwood TS570D…