G4NSJ – VHF airband aircraft radio



The VHF aircraft or airband can be boring, but also quite interesting at times. The receiver I use is the Realistic PRO-2042 scanner, shown below. I also have a Tecsun S-2000 receiver which covers the air craft frequencies. I use a Flowerpot antenna sited in the loft. Details for making the antenna can be found here. There’s a frequency list here which might be useful.

Realistic PRO-2042 scanner

Update 1/5/2022.

I’ve just acquired a rather nice Icom hand held airband radio which I took to Shoreham Airport today. Shoreham, or Brighton City Airport as they like to be known, is on 123.150MHz. There’s a rather nice place to eat at the airport, if you’re hungry. It’s The Hummingbird Café. Below is a view of the airport and one of me looking scruffy. Oh, and a pic of the Icom handheld.