GB3BR 70cms repeater West Sussex


West Sussex Coastal Repeater Group

70cms analogue repeater.
Nr Hove, West Sussex.


Technical Information:

Licensed 28/6/2022.
RX & TX: Yaesu VXR-5000
Logic: G8CUL logic
Antenna: Co-linear. 51 metres ASL
Power out: 10 Watts ERP
Repeater output: 430.8125
Shift: +7.6
Repeater input: 438.4125
Bandwidth: narrow.
CTCSS: 88.5Hz.

Information about CTCSS.

Repeater status:

Beacon on air


GB3BR is a 70cm Analogue repeater located on the South coast of the UK near Hove in the county of Sussex.
An access tone of 88.5 Hz is required and +7.6 Mhz shift.
The output of the repeater is 430.8125 MHz and the input frequency is 438.4125 MHz

Thanks to Roy and Andy.

Many thanks to Roy G4WTV and Andy G3UEQ for all their hard work, time, expertise and financial input to get GB3BR up and running. Thanks also to Barry G0DWZ for his help in finding a location for the repeater, which is very much appreciated.

The Repeater set up.

The repeater hardware is a Yaesu VXR-5000 and control of it is by using the tried and trusted G8CUL logic.

The antenna in use is a co-linear which has a Procom duplexer for single antenna working on TX & RX.

GB3BR Yaesu VXR-5000


GB3BR antenna.

GB3BR antenna

Coverage map.

Predicted coverage map:

GB3BR Predicted coverage map


Isle of Wight 19/5/2024:

Sitting in my car, GB3BR is S9+ on Culver Down, Isle of Wight. Line of sight from atop the hill which is just over 300 feet ASL.