West Sussex Coastal Repeater Group


West Sussex Coastal Repeater Group


Welcome to the West Sussex Coastal Repeater Group. We are a dedicated group of radio amateurs responsible for operating and maintaining five repeaters located along the West Sussex coast of the UK. Click on the call signs above for details of each repeater.

Group Information:

Roy G4WTV Keeper of all repeaters.
Andy G3UEQ Technical support.
Graham G8ZNK Treasurer.
Martin G7RQD Support.
Ray G4NSJ Webmaster.

Support us:

The repeaters are available for use by licensed radio amateurs. However, repeaters aren’t cheap to set up and maintain. Apart from maintenance costs, someone has to pay the electricity bills and cover insurance payments. Your support in way of a donation would be most welcome.


Video. Repeaters for beginners:

I’ve created a video here which might help newcomers to grasp the idea of repeaters.

Video. A close look at a 70cms repeater:

A video about GB3RL:

CTCSS Letter codes:

These letters are often sent as part of a repeater ident. They represent the CTCSS frequency required to access the repeater. For example, an ident in Morse might read: GB3RW E

A = 67.0Hz B = 71.9Hz C = 77.0Hz
D = 82.5Hz E = 88.5Hz F = 94.8Hz
G = 103.5Hz H = 110.9Hz J = 118.8Hz