GB3CC 70cms repeater Nr Chichester


West Sussex Coastal Repeater Group

70cms analogue repeater.
Nr Chichester


Technical information

RX & TX: Motorola Eurobase with Motorola GM340 radio.
Logic: Pacific Research RI-300 controller.
Antenna: Diamond DX-50 at 25 feet AGL. 70cm 5/8 co-linear
Power out: ERP is 11dBW
Repeater output: 430.9625MHz.
Shift: +7.6
Repeater input: 438.5625MHz.
Bandwidth: 12.5kHz
CTCSS: 88.5Hz.

Information about CTCSS.

The repeater.

GB3CC, 70cm analogue repeater located at  Bognor Regis, West Sussex. The repeater is on channel RU77

Repeater access is 0.5  seconds carrier with CTCSS 88.5Hz, successful access confirmed by a single K acknowledgement. If an over takes more than 15 minutes a watchdog timer is initiated. The repeater will then shut down. Upon cessation of the stations transmission, the controller will delay access for approximately 75 seconds. Normal access can then be resumed.

Repeater I.D. is every 25 minutes without access, if a user accesses the repeater, this will reset I.D timer. The next access will give the station I.D and then the “K”. Further access will give only the K on successful access.

CTCSS is disabled on the acknowledgement K and ident announcements, this is for implimentation of AllStar so to hear the K signifying end of over and idents, please turn off your radios Tone Squelch or TSQL.


Coverage map.

Predicted coverage map:

GB3CC coverage map