GB3IW 70cms Repeater Isle of Wight


70cms repeater.
Newport, Isle of Wight.


Technical information:

Output: 433.225
Input: 434.825
Offset: 1.6MHz
CTCSS: 71.9Hz
ERP: 14dBW
TX Ant: 4 stacked folded dipoles. 10 metres above ground.
RX Ant: Vertical.
NOV issued: 16 May 2023.
Locator: ?
Repeater keeper: Steve M0RQD.


Status 20/11/23:

I believe the repeater aerial is now on the Vectis FM radio mast which I think is in Newport. However, I can’t hear it here in Worthing, West Sussex.

Status 10/6/23:

The repeater is up and running from East Cowes but, sadly, it’s weak and not workable here in Worthing. I’ve had reports that the repeater is nonexistent in Southwick and Portslade etc.

Old Ventnor Site Coverage:

This repeater has fantastic coverage along the south coast from Portland to Brighton. I’ve worked through the repeater when I’ve been mobile in Worthing, West Sussex. Below are a few photos I took of the antenna on one of my many trips to the Isle of Wight. There are 4 stacked folded dipoles for transmit and a vertical on top for receive. Click on photos for a larger image. There are more photos here.


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