Bush DAC90A

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith over fifty years experience in vintage radio repair and restoration, I know the Bush DAC90A inside out. I’ve repaired and restored hundreds of different makes and models of valve radios, but I’ve dealt with more DAC90A radios in their brown or ivory Bakelite cabinets than any other radio. These radios are popular amongst collectors because they are a small table-top model which look good in any room, they sound great, they are relatively inexpensive, they are reliable… It’s no wonder that the Bush DAC90A is sought after by collectors the world over.

An inherent problem with this radio is the dial lamp bulbs doing virtually nothing to light up the dial. However, I have overcome that problem with a safe and inexpensive solution, see HERE for details. I have spare valves, knobs, dial pointers, audio output and IF transformers, dial glasses, back panels and even immaculate cabinets for these famous radios. So, whether you want your Bush radio repaired or you’re thinking of selling it, whether you’re looking for a fully restored DAC90A or you want yours restored and guaranteed, you’ve come to the right place. Whatever your needs, email or phone me and we’ll take it from there. Please note that I do not sell spares for the Bush DAC90A. The spares I have are for customers’ repairs and restoration work only.

Bush DAC90A cabinet restoration

It’s a great shame when you have a nice Bush DAC90A but the Bakelite cabinet is scratched or chipped. Due to the age of these radios, this is not uncommon. Also, many of these cabinets have lost their shine over the years and simple polishing won’t always bring back the original lustre. However, I now offer a Bakelite cabinet restoration service for these radios. If your cabinet needs attention, email or phone me and we’ll talk about it.

Do you have a Bush DAC90A you want to sell?

I buy Bush DAC90A radios, no matter what their condition. Obviously, I would prefer the cabinet to be perfect and the radio to be working, but I do buy badly damaged or scrap Bush DAC90A radios for spares. Contact me before you try selling your Bush radio on an auction site. It could save you a lot of hassle with time wasters – and you might be pleasantly surprised!

Free service manual here.