Ferguson 454

ferguson-454This 1945 Ferguson is a real beauty. It even has an RF amplifier. However, it’s going to take me some time to restore it to its former glory. A mouse has been in residence inside the cabinet, and he’s chewed the aerial input coil which is now open circuit. He’s also chewed some of the wiring but that’s not a real problem. The cabinet is good and so is the dial glass, but the chassis, which was originally painted blue at the factory, is now somewhat rusty. This will be a major restoration job and you can follow the progress of this lengthy project, step by step, by checking this page regularly. Don’t check too regularly though as it’s going to take me some time to complete the job.




Manufactured from 1945
Long Medium and Short Wave
Valves – EF39 ECH33 EF39 6Q7G
EL33 5Y3G
AC Supply










This advert was kindly sent in by Kate Irvine.
Kate is the girl in the advert – taken circa 1949



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