G4NSJ – End fed wire antenna top band 160 metres aerial


Top band, 160 metres, has always been my favourite band. However, a half wave aerial for the band will need to be 80 metres long, just over 262 feet. Not many of us have a garden long enough for such an aerial. As with most aerials, we have to compromise.  Shorter lengths of wire will work but you will need a decent ATU, such as the Canadian VC300DLP pictured below. That shouldn’t present a problem. You will also need an earth system. See here for info on earthing.

Pictured below is my Canadian ATU and homebrew RF ammeter on the windowsill in the radio room. Hopefully, I won’t set fire to the net curtains with high voltage RF sparking! Details of the RF ammeter can be found here. The antenna wire comes in through the window and is connected directly to the RF ammeter and then to the ATU. With this arrangement, only a few inches of the aerial is in the room.


ATU and RF ammeter end-fed wire aerial

Initial results, with only 100 feet of wire at a height of 6 feet, are encouraging. Good reports from local stations so I’m at least getting some ground wave out there. The next step is to add another 100 feet and increase the height.

Watch the video here…

IMPORTANT: Amateur radio licensees must comply with the ICNIRP general public limits of EMF. I will be taking this into account when completing the aerial installation.