G4NSJ – Long Wave Broadcast Radio


I’m working on this page 17/4/23

Long wave frequencies are fascinating. Unfortunately, interference from today’s electronic devices have wreaked havoc with long wave reception. However, I now have something which has brought long wave back to life – the Mini-Whip Active Antenna.  The results are unbelievable! With little or no noise wiping out the band, it’s well worth tuning tuning around.

Listed below are a few long wave stations I’ve heard or I’m hoping to hear using the Mini-Whip Active Antenna.



Frequency kHz

Power kW


Antena Satelor Romania 153 200
Timing service France 162 1000
Medi 1 Morocco 171 1600
Rikistuvarpid 1/2 Iceland 189 300
BBC Radio 4 U.K. 198 500
Algerienne Chaine 3 Algeria 198 2000
Polskie Radio Poland 225 1000
Radio Luxembourg Luxembourg 234 1500
Danmarks Radio Denmark 243 50 Limited transmissions
Algerienne Chaine 3 Algeria 252 750
RTE Radio 1 Ireland 252 150 Closed down 14/4/23

RTE Radio 1 close down 14/4/23:

Yet another AM station has closed down but, this time, it’s a long wave station. More here about medium and long wave stations closing.

Long wave propagation:

Long waves propagate along the Earth’s surface, known as ground or surface wave propagation. At these low frequency (LF) and very low frequency (VLF) bands, diffraction allows radio waves to bend over hills and other obstacles, and travel beyond the horizon, following the contour of the Earth. As the frequency gets lower, the attenuation with distance decreases. Low frequency to extremely low frequency ground waves can be used to communicate worldwide. VLF to ELF (extremely low frequency) waves can penetrate significant distances through water and earth, and these frequencies are used for mine communication and military communication with submerged submarines.