G4NSJ – Medium wave DXing AM DX


Medium wave DXing used to be a hobby in its own right. I’d spend hours tuning up and down the band, listening to stations from around the world…. But noise began to creep in and finally destroyed the band. However, something happened to bring medium wave back to life – the Mini-Whip Active Antenna  arrived. The results are unbelievable! With little or no noise wiping  out the band, medium wave is packed with stations!

Here’s a great resource: UK medium wave transmitters. And here is a List of European medium wave transmitters.

Below is a list of medium wave stations I’ve heard using the Mini-Whip Active Antenna. The list is very new, started on 27/6/19, so I’ll be adding more stations as and when I hear them.



Frequency kHz


BBC Radio Ulster Ireland 1342 S9
BBC Radio Wales 887
Manx Radio Isle of Man 1368 S7 at 20-18 BST
Radio Guernsey Guernsey 1116
Radio Jersey Jersey 1026
Love Sport London 558 S9

Video showing the aerial in use with my Kenwood TS570D…