G4NSJ – My amateur radio equipment


Here is some of my radio gear. I’ve not listed everything as it would take up too much space, and be boring!

4 metres 2 metres 70cms equipment.

My main 2 metre – 70cms rig is the AnyTone AT-778V/U. The Baojie BJ-218 runs 25 Watts and is for mobile use. The Baofeng GT-3 handheld is for keeping in my pocket! The Baofeng UV-5R is another little gem.  For some reason, I have two UV-5R radios! The Alinco DR-605 is old but it’s a reliable radio which I use in the workshop. It’s on a 10 element 70cms Yagi aimed at the Isle of Wight repeater. The Anytone AT5189 is my 4 metre radio. It runs 25 Watts into a Sirio CX 4-68 vertical aerial.

Pictured below is my TYT MD UV380 DMR FM handheld radio. I’m getting to grips with operating through digital repeaters.

HF Equipment

The Kenwood TS-570D is the main shack radio. In fact, I have two TS-570D transceivers. One is solely for short wave listening. The Alinco DX-SR8 is mainly for long and medium wave DX, from 30kHz up. It also acts as a standby HF rig. The AnyTone AT5555 is an all mode radio covering 25 to 30 MHz. This is a nice little radio and it’s usually tuned to one of the many 10 metre beacons or it’s monitoring 29.600 FM or our local 10 metre repeater. GB3CQ.

UPDATE: January 2022

ICOM IC-7300

This is the newest addition to the shack, and I am very pleased with it. The photos below shows the IC-7300 with my Surface Pro ready for digital modes and the radio tuned to one of the 5MHz frequencies.

New Radio Room with Icom IC-7300

Icom IC7300 waterfall

My WS. No. 19 works well, after a lot of repairs, but I need to build a power supply. The Pye PCR2 receiver also works well and is used for general listening. I sold the  R1155 receiver. When the CB radio bursts into life, it’s an indication that 10 metres is open. The Marconi CR100 is a lovely old communications receiver from the 1940s. The Eddystone 910/1 is a nice comms receiver that I use mainly on the HF broadcast bands.

Other Equipment

The CAP. CO. ATU is balanced and uses two lovely variable capacitors and a roller coaster inductor. It covers 1 to 30mHz. My trusty old KW107 covers 80 to 10 metres. Sorry about the naff quality photo. The home brew ATU on the piece of wood is for matching end-fed wire aerials.

My SEM TranZmatch is a useful standby ATU. I use it mainly on the various communications receivers. Marconi power meter model TF-1152A/1. 50 ohms 25 Watts. Frequency coverage, up to 500mHz. A very useful piece of kit. The home brew RF ammeter is great for end-fed wire aerials.

Below is my Diamond SX-100 SWR meter and my Ajax A25 marine radiotelephone. Sadly, the receiver front end has problems. One day, I’ll get round to sorting it out.