Radios that I have repaired are covered by a one year guarantee against the repair work I have carried out. If a fault develops during the guarantee period, which has nothing to do with the work I previously carried out, the repair will be chargeable. During the guarantee period, I will repair faults, free of charge, which have developed from the previous repair I carried out. However, the customer will be responsible for postage costs to and from the workshop – this includes traveling expenses incurred by the customer. The guarantee does not cover abuse and or misuse of the radio. The guarantee is not transferable. This means that, if you sell the radio, the guarantee becomes null and void.

I repair customers’ radios to the highest standards. I do not cut costs or corners during repair or restoration work. However, it is impossible to say that a vintage radio will not develop a fault at some stage after the restoration or repair work has been completed. It is impossible to predict that one of the hundreds of components in a radio will break down in, say, five weeks from now. Obviously, it would be impractical to replace every valve and component and effectively rebuild the radio. Even then, new valves and components aren’t immune to failure. It is unlikely that a fault will develop in a radio that I’ve restored, but do bear in mind that it can happen.

I soak test epaired radios, which means leaving them switched on all day every day for a week. This ensures that the radio is working properly and reliably, but this cannot guarantee one-hundred percent that the radio will not develop a fault at some time in the future.


I cannot be held responsible for damage caused in the post. I always pack radios properly and with the utmost care, however, damage can occur during transit.