How To Restore Repair Vintage Valve Radios

Do you want to learn how to repair and restore vintage valve radios? You’ll need to learn how to read circuit diagrams or schematics as they’re sometimes called. Can you use a soldering iron? Are you able to identify components such as resistors, capacitors, transformers, potentiometers? All this and more is available in the Members’ Area of the Radio Workshop website. In easy to understand video tutorials, I explain how radios work, how to trace faults, how to use a signal generator to align tuned circuits, what tools and test equipment you’ll need. You’ll also have access to thousands of service manuals and circuit diagrams for British vintage valve radios.

Under chassis view of vintage valve radio

The chassis pictured above is a Bush DAC90A. This is a great radio for beginners as it uses a basic circuit and an easy to follow layout. You can see the wax capacitors on the group panel, easy to get at and replace. In the Members’ Area tutorial videos, I’ll take you round a chassis and point out the various components.  There are fault finding videos, books and articles and a host of information to help the newcomer and old hand alike.