Ekco A110

ekco-a110-04This radio has no dial, no tuning knob, no variable capacitor… There are four preset stations selected by a knob on the side. Three medium wave and one long wave station can be preset through holes in the back cover. Four small indicators on the front of the radio light up to show – Home, Third, Light and Hilversum. I’m not sure whether the idea was to cut cost or make station selecting easy. It was probably a combination of both. The radio certainly looks different without the usual tuning dial.

The radio cost £15/10/8d plus tax in 1949. Although not one of the more expensive sets in its time, there’s a mains transformer and an LF choke in the power supply and the selectivity and sensitivity are excellent. The audio quality is very good, especially with an eight inch Goodmans speaker in the cabinet.

Manufactured from 1949
Long and Medium Wave (4 preset buttons)
Valves – ECH42 EF41 EBC41 EL41 EZ40
AC Supply

Service Manual HERE



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