Cossor 500

P1030491Manufactured by Cossor Radio, this is a lovely wireless from the early fifties. Although a table-top model, it has a fairly large speaker which gives plenty of volume and quality audio. This is a nice radio and look lovely and sound great in any room. This radio covers short wave and requires an external aerial (a length of wire).

There is one problem with this series of models, the 500 and 501 Melody Maker etc, and that is the built-in frame aerial. Basically, it’s useless! It was designed for receiving strong, local medium wave stations but it doesn’t receive much at all so you will need an external aerial for decent reception.

Another inherent problem is the gold plastic escutcheon on the front of the radio cabinet… It falls off! However, a little carefully applied glue will solve that problem.


Manufactured from 1950
Long, Medium and Shortwave
AC Supply

Service Manual HERE



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