G4NSJ – 160 Metres Top Band 1.8MHz 2MHz Amateur


Audio Introduction


Top band, the greatest band ever! Or, I should say, it was the greatest band ever until a load of cheap switch mode power supplies, phone chargers and other junk entered the country and wiped the band out. But, there is still hope. If you use a separate aerial for receive, such as a loop or active MiniWhip antenna, you might be able to hear stations without the horrendous noise picked up by a conventional wire antenna. An end-fed antenna for top band will work well on transmit and receive, depending on your local noise level.

Aerials for 160 metres:

I use a Kenwood TS-570D for transmitting with an end-fed 100 foot wire. For receiving, I use my Lowe HF-150 with a MiniWhip antenna. I’m about to construct a relay box to mute the HF-150 by shorting the aerial input to the receiver and disconnecting the MiniWhip on transmit. I’ll show details of the relay box once constructed. Another receiver I like using on top band is my trusty old Marconi CR100.

More coming soon…