KB FB10 toaster radio

kb-fb10-01This is a beautiful example of the KB FB-10 Toaster Radio. It’s known as the toaster radio because it looks like a toaster. Some say that it also gets as hot as a toaster, but I disagree. Maybe the hot radios need a little attention? I’ve fully restored this little gem and it’s working perfectly. Apart from the usual coupling and decoupling capacitors, I’ve changed the smoothing caps and the dial drive cord. The dial glass is in remarkable condition – in fact, it’s as good as new.

The cabinet isn’t cracked or chipped but it does need a clean with a damp cloth. I’m not going to do a great deal to the cabinet as this is a highly collectable radio and, as with any antique, it’s better left in its original condition. The speaker cloth has gone a little fluffy with age but I’m going to leave it as it is.



Manufactured from 1950
Long and Medium Wave
Valves – 6BE6 6BJ6 6AT6 6BW6 6V4
AC Supply

Service Manual HERE



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