Featured: Bush DAC90

bush-dac90The Bush DAC90 radio was introduced in 1946. Although similar in looks to the DAC90A, it uses a completely different chassis with octal valves.

The Bush DAC90 was the predecessor to the much improved DAC90A. . As can be seen from the chassis photo below, the large dropper resistor is housed in a metal shroud on the right. The heat produced by the dropper usually burns a large hole in the back panel, however, It is possible to repair the back panel to make the radio safe.



dac90-01This photo shows the chassis from the rear of the radio. There are no user serviceable parts in any valve radio, and the Bush DAC90 is no exception. In fact, like many vintage radios, these have a live chassis so disconnect the radio from the mains before removing the back cover. Better still, do not remove the back cover.

Release date July 1946
Original price £11 11s (purchase tax extra)
Manufactured in brown and ivory bakelite
Manual tuning on long and medium wave
Valves – CCH35 EF39 EBC33 CL33 CY31
AC/DC Supply




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