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An introduction to vintage radio restoration

The Radio Workshop Safety Video

THE Bush DAC90A vintage radio

Bush DAC90A dial light bulb replacement

Restoring a vintage valve radio

Superhet IF alignment – part one

Superhet IF alignment – part two

Superhet IF alignment – part three

Restoring a Cossor Melody Maker 501 radio – part one

Restoring a Cossor Melody Maker 501 radio – part two

Aerials for shortwave listening

500 Watt triode transmitting valves

The Eddystone 910/1 marine communications receiver – part one

The Eddystone 910/1 marine communications receiver – part two

The Wireless set No 19 military transmitter receiver

The Lafayette KT-340 HA-230 communications receiver

The Lafayette HA-600A transistor communications receiver

The Eddystone 358x (B34) communications receiver – Part One

The Eddystone 358x (B34) communications receiver – Part Two

The Pye PCR2 communications receiver

The Marconi R1155 communications receiver

HP334A distortion analyzer and Marconi TF2005R oscillator

DAB Switchover incites pirate radio broadcasts

Happy Christmas from The Radio Workshop

The Ajax A25 marine Radiotelephone

Dipole Aerials for the HF bands

Doublet Aerials for the HF bands

Vertical Aerials for the HF bands

An ATU for end fed aerials for the HF bands

An RF Ammeter end fed aerials for the HF bands

The Spitfire AM medium wave transmitter

The Codar AT5 amateur radio transmitter

The Collins TCS-12 transmitter

Radio Interference

Medium wave interference – part three

Medium wave interference – problem solved

Medium and short wave interference

Pirate and CCF radio recollections

A pirate radio boat in the English Channel

Land based pirate radio 1960s

A pirate station in disguise

Pirating from a hole in the ground

Medium wave pirating – and not getting caught

Medium wave pirating – catch me if you can

Medium wave pirating – down by the river

Medium wave pirating – the Mary Celeste

Pirating – medium wave pirate memories 1960s

CCF pirate radio memories with a WS19 set

Build this frame aerial for medium wave reception

Echo Charlie 6.6 megs pirate radio and more

Solar Power. Panels, charge controllers, batteries and more

Solar panel battery charge controllers regulators CMG

A top band aerial for small gardens

A medium wave pirate radio aerial – how NOT to do it!

Pirate radio ships and other stuff in the 1960s

A trip to Bletchley Park




The Retro Radio

The Majority Peterhouse Graduate Radio

The Ocean Digital WR-282CD Radio

The Audiance A2 stereo headphones with microphone 

The Ocean Digital WR-10 Internet Radio Tuner with DAB/FM

How to fit Bluetooth to your vintage radio

Outside aerials for DAB and FM radios

DAB outside aerial folded dipole kit

The Ocean Digital WR-26 portable internet, DAB and FM radio

The Ocean Digital WR-01C Internet Tuner Radio

The Retekess TR401 portable DAB FM Radio Bluetooth MP3 Player

The Retekess v115 portable FM AM shortwave radio

The Li’l Lottie DAB FM Bluetooth Australian radio




The Anytone AT-778VW 2 metre 70cms radio

Intro to amateur radio videos plus the Watson W50 2 metre 70cms aerial

Tips for learning Morse Code

Setting up an ATU SWR meter HF radio aerial

The radio room (ham shack)

Programming the Baofeng UV-5R hand held radio

The Lowe HF150 Communications Receiver




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