Value of your radio

‘How much is my radio worth?’ I’m asked this question every day and, to be honest, there is no answer. To a collector, your radio might be worth over one-hundred pounds. Someone who wants a radio to use in his shed or garage might only offer you twenty-pounds. It’s no good looking at auction sites for an indication of a radio’s value. For example, I saw a Bush DAC90A sell for twenty-pounds and, the following week, an identical radio sold for eighty-pounds. I don’t like Philips radios, so I wouldn’t want one for nothing. However, someone else might pay you well for a vintage Philips. As you can see, trying to value radios is impossible.

Usually, if a radio has been in the family for decades, it will be worth having it fully restored. What it’s worth in hard cash doesn’t come into it because it’s a family heirloom. Many of my customers have radios they remember from their childhood years. They recall granddad or grandma using the radio and, because of the sentimental value, they want it fully restored. So, what is your radio worth? You tell me.