Decca AW6

decca-aw6This is a beautiful vintage radio from the late 1930s and I’m looking forward to restoring it. The cabinet has a few scuff marks but nothing too serious. The speaker is a field coil type where the coil acts as the HT smoothing choke as well as an electromagnet for the voice coil. It’s really nice to see Athlone printed on the dial – Radio Athlone 531 metres, 565 kc/s. The radio works very well, even though I’ve not started work on it. Rather a nice find, I thought. On the tuning dial are the words… Celluloid Printers Ltd. Surbiton Surrey.





Manufactured from 1939
Long Medium ans Short Wave
Valves – TH62 6U7G 6Q7G
6V6G 5Z4G
AC Supply




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